January 2014 - stabley

Thursday 23 January 2014: OLD FRIENDS
Today's topic is "umbrellas" and I have to tell you, this wasn't my initial thought on the subject. I wanted to shoot a shot glass filled with single malt scotch, sitting in front of a bottle that is "old enough to date" (18 years old, in case you were wondering what that meant), and in the shot glass I was going to place a paper drink umbrella. Of course, I was going to name it "NOOOO!!!" :-) Unfortunately, hard as I looked (I actually went to bars), I could NOT find a paper umbrella.

So instead, I opted for these "old friends" of mine...the reflector umbrellas and studio lights have been with me now for nearly 40 years. The Canon lens and Sekonic light meter quite a bit less. I think, if nothing else, the fact that I still have them and use them, lends credence to the slogan of the Rolls Royce company..."The quality remains long after the price has been forgotten.