January 2014 - stabley

Thursday 2 January 2014: SHADOW CHASER

The word of the day today is "GOAL", and I will begin by telling you this photo has almost NOTHING to do with that topic. I thought about all the different ways to illustrate a "goal", many of which I just didn't have the props available to photograph. Then, late afternoon, I happened past a new office that was just being completed, and the sun coming through the blinds was casting a delightful shadow on the newly painted wall. As I moved in front of the window, my shadow was added to the one already there, and I liked what I saw.

I will admit to having tweaked the white balance "just a bit" but I think that just added a little to the overall ambiance of the image. Getting back to the topic, MY GOAL was to come up with a shot for the day. I think I succeeded. TA-DA!! :-)