January 2014 - stabley

Wednesday 1 January 2014: CHICAGO COLD GERMS

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! I have to tell you, New Year's Eve 2014 was not one of my best. As you may have surmised from my pic for today, I was seriously under the weather.

Kathy's sister, who lives in Chicago, came to visit over the Christmas holiday, and brought with her a fair-sized contingent of Chicago Cold Germs (completely unintentional on her part, of course). In case you don't know about these little nasties...they are all mean, really tough, wear fedoras, smoke smelly cigars, and carry tommy-guns...they are some really bad germs...and basically, almost impossible to get rid of. I put up a good fight and held them off for nearly a week, but eventually, they got me!!

BTW: If the photo seems just a "little off", that was intentional. I really wanted to convey the way the night stand looks at that time in the morning when you are groping for something to let you get some sleep. :-)